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Empowering Natural Beauty - naturally derived vegan skincare

Company: Empowering Natural Beauty
Contact: Suzi Fish
County: Kent

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Body Shop at Home - 100% Vegetarian 40% Vegan, Kate Roberts

Company: Kate Roberts Body Shop at Home
Contact: Kate Roberts
Counties: North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire

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Teresa Haddrell - Flamingo Paperie / Phoenix Trading

Company: Flamingo Paperie / Phoenix Trading
Contact: Teresa Haddrell
County: Somerset

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Vikki Smith Independent Usborne Organiser

Vikki Smith Independent Usborne Organiser

Company: Book Buzz
Contact: Vikki Smith
County: Surrey

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Usborne Books By Katy

Company: Usborne Books By Katy
Contact: Katy Simmons
Counties: Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire

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Lou’s Forever Living Northamptonshire

Company: Forever Living
Contact: Louise Pearce
County: Northamptonshire

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Stella & Dot by Claire Williamson

Company: Stella and Dot
Contact: Claire Williamson
County: Berkshire

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Janet Marshall Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner

Company: Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner
Contact: Janet Marshall
County: Devon

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doTERRA Essential Oils - Living an Empowered Life Naturally

Company: myElixir Coaching
Contact: Eve Brennan
County: Devon

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Independent Usborne Organiser

Independent Usborne Organiser

Company: Mini Me's Loved Book Area - Independent Usborne Organiser
Contact: Stephanie Gauntlett
County: Hampshire

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The Wonder Of Books, Pop Up Bookshop, Usborne Books

Company: The Wonder Of Books
Contact: Darlene Martin-Elder
Counties: Surrey, Kent, West Sussex

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Liz at Home with the Body Shop

Contact: Liz Beddoes
County: Shropshire

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Tropic Skincare & Beauty - Helen Haines

Company: Tropic Skincare
Contact: Helen Haines
Counties: Leicestershire, Rutland

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Usborne Books - Michelle Stephens

Usborne Books - Michelle Stephens

Company: Michelle Stephens - Independent Usborne Organiser
Contact: Michelle Stephens
County: Lancashire

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Body Shop at Home with Kerry Lawrinson

Company: Body Shop at Home with Kerry Lawrinson
Contact: Kerry Lawrinson
County: Cheshire

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Debbie Murphy - Partylite

Debbie Murphy - Partylite

Company: Partylite UK Limited
Contact: Debbie Murphy
County: Essex

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Chris Barrett - Flamingo Paperie / Christine's Cardhouse

Chris Barrett - Flamingo Paperie / Christine's Cardhouse

Company: Christine's Cardhouse
Contact: Christine Barrett
County: Worcestershire

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Suzi French - mini colour assessments & make up

Company: Gingers Colour Me Beautiful at Home
Contact: Suzi French
Counties: Devon, Somerset, Bristol

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Sarah Bromham - Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

Company: Neal's Yard Remedies Organic
Contact: Sarah Bromham
Counties: Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire

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Rachel Morgan - Derbyshire

Company: Forever Living Products
Contact: Rachel Morgan
Counties: Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire

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