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Daisy Duke Bar & Catering Company

Company: Daisy Duke Catering Company
Contact: Melanie Payne
Counties: Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire

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Company: Pearlsbykamara
Contact: Kamara Edmead
Counties: West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire

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Gorgeous Women's Fashion Accessories

Company: The Lifestyle Blogger UK
Contact: Becky
County: Gloucestershire

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Pavement Coffee Co - Independent - Speciality Coffee

Company: Pavement Coffee Co
Contact: Jane Marker
Counties: Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire

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The Fat Tabby, Handmade Pizza in 90 seconds

Company: The Fat Tabby Catering Co. Ltd
Contact: Noel Turnbull
Counties: Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey

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Mobile Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Milkshake Bar

Company: mmm! Coffee Ltd
Contact: Brian Fakir
Counties: Bristol, South Wales, Gloucestershire

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Moo Doodle - Unique & original encaustic wax art

Company: Moo Doodle
Contact: Shelley Ward
Counties: Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire

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Confetti & Cut Flowers - Fairway Flowers - Barbara

Company: Fairway Flowers
Contact: Barbara Martin
County: Gloucestershire

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Imagine That Coffee - Independent Speciality Coffee & Treats

Company: Imagine That Coffee
Contact: Lucy Atkins
Counties: Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset

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Ranndom Woods - Chainsaw Carvings - Public Demonstrations

Company: Ranndom Woods
Contact: Benn Rann
County: Gloucestershire

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Julia Sharman - Independent Forever Business Owner

Company: Ki Insight
Contact: Julia Sharman
County: Gloucestershire

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Blurry Bubbles Coffee & Waffles. Vintage Van

Company: Blurry Bubbles Coffee
Contact: Kristian
Counties: Gloucestershire, Somerset, Oxfordshire

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Le Keux Cotswolds Vintage Hair & Make Up Mobile Salon

Contact: Sandra Beisly
Counties: Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire

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Usborne Books - Carol Trim

Company: Best For Books
Contact: Carol Trim
County: Gloucestershire

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Jenny Badger

Company: J. B. Designs
Contact: Jenny Badger
Counties: Wiltshire, Gloucestershire

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Nici's Natural Wraps - Beeswax food wraps

Nici's Natural Wraps - Beeswax food wraps

Company: Nici's Natural Wraps
Contact: Nici Khor
County: Gloucestershire

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