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Husse Worthing - Super Healthy Swedish Pet Food

Company: Husse Worthing
Contact: Colin Edwards
Counties: West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey

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Julie's Home Crafts - Various Crafts & Upcycled Bottle Lights

Company: Julie's Home Crafts
Contact: Julie Hancock
Counties: Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex

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Nelsons Coffee Cabin and Bar

Company: Nelsons Coffee Cabin
Contact: Lee
Counties: Kent, East Sussex, Essex, West Sussex, Surrey

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Steve's African Wildlife Photography

Company: aakphotography
Contact: Steve Catt
Counties: Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex

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Clara & Co | Vegan | Sustainable | Natural

Company: Clara & Co
Contact: Patricia Paixao
Counties: Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent, West Sussex

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Calico by Rachel Lena

Company: CalicoByRachelLena
Contact: Rachel O'Doherty
Counties: Greater London, Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent

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Resin Crystal Healing Designs - Ksawaywiththefairies

Company: Ksawaywiththefairies
Contact: Kirsty Pritchard
Counties: Surrey, West Sussex, Kent, East Sussex, Essex

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Mobile Barista Coffee and Cold Snacks

Company: Hoffi Te Coffi
Contact: Michelle Robinson
County: West Sussex

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Poplar Gifts - Crocheted & Knitted

Company: Poplar Gifts
Contact: Sue Burgess
Counties: East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey

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V's Photographic Art - Floral Greeting Cards & Gifts

V's Photographic Art - Floral Greeting Cards & Gifts

Company: V's Photographic Art
Contact: Venetia Jerram
Counties: Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex

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Donut & Coffee

Company: Coffee & Donuts
Contact: Bill
Counties: Kent, Greater London, West Sussex, North Yorkshire, East Sussex

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Natalie Sudnik - Independent Consultant The Body Shop at Home

Contact: Natalie Sudnik
Counties: Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, Surrey

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Maid 4 Mum Toys, Gifts & Garden Ornaments

Company: Maid 4 Mum Toys & Gifts
Contact: Suzanne Nicholls
County: West Sussex

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The Wonder Of Books, Pop Up Bookshop, Usborne Books

Company: The Wonder Of Books
Contact: Darlene Martin-Elder
Counties: Surrey, Kent, Essex, West Sussex, Greater London

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Good Food On The Move catering for every event

Company: Good Food On The Move
Contact: Dominic Timm
Counties: West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey

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Handmade Wet-Felted Products by Sue Pearson

Company: Sue Pearson
Contact: Susan Pearson
Counties: West Sussex, Surrey, East Sussex

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Barista Coffee..'Coffee with a conscience'

Company: Coffee Cruiser
Contact: Clive and Claire Arnold
Counties: Hampshire, East Sussex, West Sussex

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Wood Fired Pizzas - Fresh handmade pizzas for any event

Company: Catch A Fire Pizzas
Contact: Darren Patterson
Counties: Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex

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Affordably Luxurious Handmade Jewellery

Affordably Luxurious Handmade Jewellery

Company: David J Lilly
Contact: David Lilly
Counties: West Sussex, East Sussex, Greater London, Surrey, Warwickshire

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Hippy-Chic - Handmade Gemstone Jewellery

Company: Hippy-Chic
Contact: Tracy Feist
Counties: Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, Greater London, West Sussex

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