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Anne Whitley - Cherry Orchard Designs

Company: Cherry Orchard Designs
Contact: Anne Whitley
Counties: Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire

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Pops n Bubbles Ltd Artisan Soaps & Soy Wax Candles

Company: Pops n Bubbles Ltd
Contact: Mara Forehead
Counties: Surrey, West Sussex

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Candy Floss and Slush - Surrey

Company: Candy Slush Surrey
Contact: Caren Jones
Counties: Surrey, Kent, East Sussex

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Seraphina Jewellery - Handmade in Brazil

Company: Seraphina Jewellery
Contact: Marion Clifford
Counties: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey

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Lovely Bubbly Horse Box Mobile Bar

Company: Lovely Bubbly
Contact: Marco
Counties: Kent, Essex, Surrey

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Bond's Victorian Fun Fair

Company: Bond's Victorian Fun Fair
Contact: Ryan Bond
Counties: Surrey, Greater London, Buckinghamshire

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The Real Focaccia

Company: The Real Focaccia
Contact: Tom Brown
County: Surrey

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Judefish - Home Decor & Accessories

Company: Judefish
Contact: Lisa Harber
Counties: Surrey, Hampshire

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Teacup Ride, Candyfloss, Bouncy Castle, Bungy Trampolines, Slide & Ice Cream Van

Company: J Chipperfield & Sons
Contact: James Chipperfield
Counties: Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire

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Ice Cream Bikes / Pimms Bikes / Candy Floss / Popcorn / Coffee Van

Company: What's the Scoop
Contact: Dave Morris
Counties: Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire

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Holly Robson - The Silver Bench

Company: Holly Robson - The Silver Bench
Contact: Holly Robson
Counties: Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire

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Janeyjonks Textiles and Accessories

Company: Janeyjonks Handcrafted
Contact: Heather Ratcliff
Counties: Kent, East Sussex, Surrey

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Children's Fun Fair & Inflatables looking for events!

Company: Read's Amusements
Contact: Tony
Counties: Surrey, Greater London, Essex

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Two Little Monkeys Books

Company: Two Little Monkeys Books
Contact: Fiona Wilkes
County: Surrey

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Glitter Box - Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories from Paris, Milan & London

Company: Glitter Box
Contact: Sam Edwards
Counties: Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire

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This Fine Day - Mobile Bars, Event Catering, Weddings

Company: This Fine Day
Contact: Paul Bennett
Counties: East Sussex, Surrey, West Sussex

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Angela Andrews - Brown Angel Naturals

Company: Brown Angel Naturals
Contact: Angela
Counties: Greater London, West Midlands, Surrey

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Inflatables for Children and Adults

Company: Top Banana Bouncy Castles
Contact: Mark Bradshaw
Counties: Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire

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Fresh Juice Bar & Vegan Catering

Company: Raw Food Dude
Contact: Justin Sagen
County: Surrey

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The Wimbledon Story Pot - Children's Books

Company: The Wimbledon Story Pot
Contact: Caroline Ewans
Counties: Greater London, Surrey, Hampshire

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