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Briony Doughty, Executive Partner at Flamingo Paperie

Company: Briony Doughty Executive Partner at Flamingo Paperie
Contact: Briony Doughty
Counties: Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire

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Wood Fired Pizzas

Company: Oh My Nosh
Contact: Kay Wood
Counties: Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset

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Sarah Humphries - NYR Organic Independent Consultant

Company: NYR Organic
Contact: Sarah Humphries
County: Wiltshire

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Muck & Dunder - Mobile Rum Bar - Wiltshire

Company: Muck & Dunder Rum Bar
Contact: Michelle Field
Counties: Wiltshire, Somerset

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Individually Unique Toning Tables, Health & Beauty Centre

Individually Unique Toning Tables, Health & Beauty Centre

Company: Individually Unique Ltd
Contact: Caroline Duke-Glover
Counties: Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset

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The Sherbet Piglet - Pop-up Vintage Sweet Shop & more

Company: The Sherbet Piglet
Contact: Jayne Parker
Counties: Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire

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Jenny Badger

Company: J. B. Designs
Contact: Jenny Badger
Counties: Wiltshire, Gloucestershire

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Seated Acupressure Massage - Perfect for Events of All Kinds

Company: A New Day Holistic Services
Contact: Karen Freed
Counties: Wiltshire, Bristol, Somerset

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Cantina El Burrito - Mexican Street Food Event Catering

Company: Cantina El Burrito
Contact: Patrick Kimber
Counties: Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire

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Kirsten Davies New Forest Wellness - doTERRA Essential Oils

Kirsten Davies New Forest Wellness - doTERRA Essential Oils

Company: Kirsten Davies New Forest Wellness doTERRA essential oils
Contact: Kirsten Davies
Counties: Hampshire, Wiltshire

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Maria Leonard Independent Consultant NYR Organic

Company: NYRO Independent Consultant
Contact: Maria Leonard
County: Wiltshire

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Award Winning Tropic Skin Care & Cosmetics, with Laura Salt

Company: Laura Salt - Tropic Skin Care & Cosmetics Ambassador
Contact: Laura Salt
Counties: Wiltshire, Bristol

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Ann Howells - NYR Organic Group Leader

Company: NYR Organic - Neals Yard Remedies Consultant
Contact: Ann Howells
County: Wiltshire

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Hats For The Homeless

Company: Hats for the Homeless
Contact: Ruth Starsmeare
Counties: Wiltshire, Hampshire

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Raffaele's Ice Cream Van Hire In Swindon

Company: Raffaele's Ice Cream Van Hire Swindon
Contact: Raffaele
County: Wiltshire

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Vegan Nail Polishes plus more

Company: VK by Jennifer
Contact: Jennifer Breakspear
County: Wiltshire

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Bryony Roberts - Aloe Vera Products

Company: Bryony Roberts - Independent Business Owner
Contact: Bryony Roberts
Counties: Wiltshire, Somerset, Warwickshire

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LoveOrganicLiving - NYR Organics

Company: LoveOrganicLiving
Contact: Lisa Gale
Counties: Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

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Smoulder and Scorch

Company: Smoulder & Scorch
Contact: Keiron Ash
Counties: Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire

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