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HS Ices - Leeds

Company: HS Ices
Contact: Heidi Howden
Counties: West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire

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Body Shop at Home - 100% Vegetarian 60% Vegan, Kate Roberts

Company: Kate Roberts Body Shop at Home
Contact: Kate Roberts
Counties: North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire

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Funfair Rides, Slides and Games

Company: A J Leisure
Contact: Andrew
Counties: Shropshire, Derbyshire, East Yorkshire, West Midlands, South Yorkshire

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Sparkles Candles by Julia Crookes

Sparkles Candles by Julia Crookes

Company: Sparkles Candles
Contact: Julia Crookes
Counties: South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, East Yorkshire

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Espresso Van-Gogh - Mobile Coffee Barista

Company: Espresso Van-Gogh
Contact: Peter Shields
Counties: East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire

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SmartCookieSam - Freshly Baked Cookies, Brownies & Cupcakes

Company: SmartCookieSam
Contact: Sam Smith
Counties: North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Durham, East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire

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Cafe2u Mobile Coffee Shop

Company: Smile in a Cup Ltd
Contact: Emil Pandrea
Counties: South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire

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Wax Ya Dannys, personalised wax hand moulds

Company: Wax Ya Dannys
Contact: Jenny Amidu
Counties: South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, West Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire

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Stitches by Frieda - handmade pet products

Company: Stitches by Frieda
Contact: Frieda Maisey
Counties: Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire

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Ice Cream Vans for all types of events

Company: Rossi's Ices
Contact: Bash
Counties: Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, Lancashire

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Wood Fired Pizzas - Veloce Fresco Pop up Pizzas

Company: Veloce Fresco Pop up Pizzas
Contact: Luke Fletcher
County: South Yorkshire

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Really Scrumptious

Company: Really Scrumptious
Contact: Michael Soar
Counties: Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester

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jbwoodcraft - handmade wooden games & puzzles

Company: jbwoodcraft
Contact: John Buck
Counties: Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire

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Devon's Kitchen - A unique Jamaican dining experience

Company: Devon's Kitchen
Contact: Devon Sharpe
County: South Yorkshire

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Live Music Artists, Acoustic, Solo, Band, Duo

Company: Live Artists
Contact: Dan
Counties: West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire

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