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The Prim & Proper Cocktail Bar - a mobile cocktail bar

The Prim & Proper Cocktail Bar - a mobile cocktail bar

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Earl Green
The Prim & Proper Cocktail Bar
Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Greater London, East Sussex
SS16 6GA
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Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls, Home Parties / Party Plan
[email protected]
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We are a husband and wife team, with our daughter being the inspiration behind the "Prim" in Prim & Proper.

Earl is  European Bar School trained and obsessive about getting the cocktail just right, so the ingredients in each drink are specially chosen to make sure the drink is at its best.

Sarah is the logistics and taste tester (I know super lucky!)

We pride ourselves on only using the best ingredients and making a twist on cocktail recipes to make them the best tasting cocktails you will taste.

The alcohol, mixers and garnish are high quality and when we can from small batch, family run distillers and brewers.

Taste and balance is key to every drink.


Our Mission

2020 more than any year taught us that life is too short.

We've always said that life is too short for a rubbish drink, now we want to bring that from our home to you.

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