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Mayfair Toys Ltd

Contact Name:
Nick Vear
Mayfair Toys Ltd
Daytime Phone:
07785 750757
Evening Phone:
07785 750757
Available For:
Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls, Sales or Services Enquiries
[email protected]


We are a small, family run toy sales company who sell directly to the public at exhibitions, markets, school events etc as well as going into various companies and other establishments. We cater mainly for children of primary school age.

Price wise our most expensive item is about £20, going down to pocket money range, with the cheapest being less than £1. In addition we sell a range of rock, gem and fossil based ornaments and occasionally a small selection of dog collar accessories.

In addition to the toys/gifts option we can set out a stall with gifts only where it is more appropriate for the event. This option is probably more suited to the period before Christmas.

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