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Angela Hallam Designs - Unusual Gifts for Unusual People!!

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Angela Hallam
Angela Hallam Designs
West Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire
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[email protected]
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I make 18" square furry cushions with larger than life, realistic latex painted facial features of a variety of cats, dogs other animals and monsters.

I also use the same technique to make small furry shoulder bags with the same variety of faces, a satin lining and a magnetic catch.

My knitted fairies are 30cm tall, each is unique, in a different colour scheme from Goth to Pretty Pink to hippy, and decorated with ribbon and jewellery. Each has long flowing hair. I have a "Design your own" sheet available for orders.

I buy unwanted handbags, purses,jewellery boxes etc from charity shops, clean and renovate them and paint on them with professional leather paints.

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