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1975 Vintage Airstream Mobile Bar

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Mark Needham
Airstream Events LTD
South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire
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Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls, Home Parties / Party Plan
[email protected]


1975 Vintage Airstream Mobile Bar. Our menu can be tailed to provide anything you require from draught lagers, ciders and craft ales, including spirits, shots, wines, pressecco, champagne and soft drinks. I think you'll agree our Airstream has that 'little something different' you are looking for and always gets customers talking.  

We pride ourselves on keeping prices low to keep customers happy, we would much prefer customers coming to our bar to experience the unique Airstream experience rather than been scared off by high unrealistic prices. Our Airstream bar is a classic 1975 airstream - a 7-metre long, vintage American trailer with an eye-catching shiny aluminium exterior.  

We have given our Airstream a new lease of life, with a high-quality interior of white and silver aluminium, colour-changing lighting, solid oak bar worktops, two large serving hatches, 12 lines running through 2 coolers delivering the best lagers, ciders and craft ales. Everything needed to run a professional bar. We have all the necessary licenses, insurances and risk assessments.  

We would love to commit to your event. Airstream bar is ultimate instant wow factor for any event.

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