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Saw your site by chance last year and advertised - a really good site I tell everyone about it.

Pamela Lee (Event Organiser)

I recently listed the Corsley Show . We had several last minute traders contact us and attend after seeing us on you’re site . THANKS ! As a one day village show with a small but dedicated committee members including farmers, business owners and retired folk, trying to organise a show and carry on with normal life is time consuming! Small, but actually big things like Stallfinder take out a little bit of hassle! Thanks again.

Caroline, Corsley Show Committee

Your site has been extremely useful and enabled me to link up with many stall holders.

Karen Spreadbury, Hailsham Lions Club (Event Organiser)

I used the Stallfinder website for the first time to source stalls for a village Christmas Fair. Just wanted to say it was very successful and we had three lovely stalls which we wouldn't have had otherwise. Thanks very much for an easy to use system which helped us enormously.

Sheila Mathias (Event Organiser)

Thanks for advertising our craft event. It was very successful & we shall be putting it on again next November. Also due to your advertising we have had many request for stall places. So a big thank you. I shall be in touch next year.

Karen Rimell, Arts & Crafts at the Crypt (Event Organiser)

Congratulations on eight years, I've only recently joined up but had a fantastic response to my event advert, signing up to your site has been a brilliantly successful move for my new business.

Hilary Sansom, Daisy Chain Weddings (Event Organiser)

Your website is brilliant and so helpful. Thank you for setting it up - it's genius!

Kate FitzGerald, Datchet Parish Council (Event Organiser)

I just wanted to let you know that since I listed my stall on your site a week ago, I have had lots of enquiries! I am delighted with your service and wanted to let you know!

Cheryl Stephens, Mega!Minerals (Stallholder)

I would like to say that it has been the best valued piece of advertising that I have ever done, by having a listing on your site. I got on average 5 invites to events a week. Many thanks for the great service.

Sue Lang, The Beesness (Stallholder)

We have already been invited to 2 fairs and the ad's only been live 12 hours!!

Liz Barnes, Scentsy UK Consultant (Stallholder)

Many thanks - for our events, Stallfinder is the best thing since sliced bread!!

Ann Bailey - Save The Children (Event Organiser)

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent site.  Not only did it produce countless enquiries last year (our first!) but we are already near to capacity bookings for this year as a result of your website.  True we are not one of the most prolific businesses as everything is hand produced by myself and my husband but it does mean we can concentrate on the art side and leave the bookings to find us.
Once again, many thanks and long may you continue.

Tricia Murphy - Shabby Pots (Stallholder)

You have been a great help, as you have been in the past. You have helped us get new stallholders for each of our events and helped make the events a success. Thanks again for your help.

Janis Coulson - Parkgate Pony Sanctuary (Event Organiser)

I just wanted to say that I had a phenomenal response to our advertisement of our Charity Christmas Gift Fair last December. I advertised for stall holders and had loads of enquiries. I'm just about to list this year's event and it made me think I should let you know how successful it was for us. Many thanks for a great site.

Rebecca Wilson. Events Fundraiser (Event Organiser)

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful site - it's put us in touch with a growing number of fabulous local crafters and traders in 2010!

Dave Glenister, HTG Events (Event Organiser)

I have found the site extremely useful in the last year, as a stall holder I have received a huge amount of enquiries for my candles. I have also listed events at both my children's schools and have had a great response too. I have recommended your site to several people.

Sarah - Candle By Night (Stallholder & Event Organiser)

I thought I would e mail you to tell you what a fantastic response I have had from putting details on your web site! None of the advertising I have done anywhere else has got even close to the response from Stallfinder.

Mary Nash - Conker Fairs (Event Organiser)

Just renewed for another year. Got so much business last year by being on Stallfinder.

Jan Olive - Mojo Books at Usborne (Stallholder)

I believe advertising with you is the best investment I made! I received in excess of 100 invitations to events and I also received direct orders. If / when I have the time to go back to the Nappy Cake business, I will certainly be contacting you again!

Karen - Luxury Nappy Cakes (Stallholder)

Thank you so much. Would just like to say that listing on Stallfinder has been an absolute boost to my business, great site, many thanks.

Sue, The Lemon Tree Candles & Gifts (Stallholder)

All I can say is WOW! I have been with you 1 week and have received 2 bookings already. THANKS!

Tina - Little Mischiefs (Stallholder)

What a great idea! Sometimes with these fairs etc., you can take ages finding just the right stallholders and to have so many in one place is brilliant.

Yvonne Green (Event Organiser)

It's been the best £10 I have spent in advertising!! I have had soo many people contact me through it - too many in December and I have had to say no to a lot of people. But it shows that it works!

Amy - It's Your Choc (Stallholder)

Thank you for the contacts. Brilliant idea for a website, by the way, very useful!!

Victoria Le Poidevin, Museum of Wales (Event Organiser)

I've used many many times as an event organiser in the past and have always been very pleased with the ease of use when listing events and finding stallholders - but recently I have also had my own listing as a stallholder. In the first 10 days I have no fewer that 10 seperate enquiries from people wanting me to exhibit at their shows / events / sales etc so am over the moon... and that was just the first 10 days! Thanks Stallfinder!!!

Nicki Cawood - N Yorks Precious Parcels

Many thanks, yours is one of the best event listing sites around! With great customer service.

Debbie, JL Fairs (Event Organiser)

Thank you so much for this, this is all great and so useful - and such a great idea and free service too!

Teresa, Bumps & Beyond Baby Fair (Event Organiser)

We have been using the Stallfinder website to locate Stallholders, with success. Thankfully, all our tables are now booked. We greatly appreciate the support we have received from the Stallfinder website and as such have certainly recommended your website to a lot of the people we've met.

Zannah (Event Organiser)

As both an event organiser & stallholder I can't imagine running either business without Stallfinder! As well as the fantastic FREE event listing service, the easy to use search function and stallholder listings - Gail's helpfulness and attention to detail has ensured this is the first site I visit to find what I need & I would definitely recommend it to others!

Nicki Cawood (Stallholder & Event Organiser)

I am very impressed with Stallfinder. Well done - such a great initiative!

Suzanne Borrell, Director, SMB Events - the organisers of BabyExpo and The Brighton Christmas Market.

Thought I'd just let you know what a good response I've had to the listing. Your website has been most useful in helping us contact stallholders for our first fair, and I've been recommending you to everyone!!

Margaret (Event Organiser)

We were delighted to discover your site and would like to say how easy and quick it was to add our event. Even downloading the picture was so simple - I had been dreading that as I really didn't know what I was doing. I have passed on your details to one or two other people and will continue to do so.

Judith (Event Organiser)

The site is so informative, it's brilliant. Such a good idea :-)

Debbie (Stallholder)

Many thanks - this is a great website and will be a great help in promoting our events.

Ann (Events Organiser)

Just thought I'd let you know I've just had an enquiry for a fair in September thanks to Stallfinder!!!!

Kate (Stallholder)

If only everyone I dealt with was as easy to work with you as you...thank you so much.

Bridget - BR Events (Event Organiser)

It's a really great idea.

Rebecca (Stallholder)

Love your site thanks for the opportunity of free advertising.

Susan (Event Organiser)

I will be mentioning your site to a number of customers and clients.

Simon (Stallholder)

Great site!

Melanie (Stallholder)

Have already forwarded the site details on to a few exhibitors and will let any clients know as I think the site is great and has some very useful information to help exhibitors get the most out of their day.

Janet (Event Organiser)

The site looks great. Why didn't anyone think of it before???

Peter (Stallholder)

Quality sites such as yours are very important to organisers, and if I can be of any help to you, don't hesitate to ask.

Pete (Event Organiser)

I have had a look at the site and my listing looks great. Thanks very much and i will definitely spread the word.

Michelle (Events Organiser)

Many thanks - the site is a great idea to tie events and people together.

Wendy (Stallholder)

I think you will go from strength to strength! Brilliant idea...

Jane (Events Organiser)

The site is great, great idea, I will be sure to promote it where possible.

Carley (Stallholder)

I will pass your Stallfinder details on to everyone I can- it's a really great site, well done!

Laura (Stallholder)

Thank you very much. I will definitely spread the word. Your site is a fantastic idea.

Sindy (Stallholder)

I am telling everyone about your website as I think it is fab!!

Margaret (Stallholder)

What a fantastic site - just what we need!

Sophie (Stallholder)

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