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Victorian Handcarts - Purpose Built to Suit Your Trade

Contact Name:
John Parrish
Property Development Services
South Yorkshire
S25 4JU
Daytime Phone:
07704 302202
Evening Phone:
07704 302202
Available For:
Sales or Services Enquiries


Victorian handcarts, purpose built to suit your trade, choice of size, colour, roof material, serving deck.

Great for some trades but obviously not all, far more customer appeal than a market stall. Suits fudge, chocolate, biscuits, jewellery, candles, crystals, home baking and lots more.

Another avenue to look at is hiring them out for weddings and christenings, baby showers in fact the list is endless. Average hire charge for one day is £50 check it out on Google.

A big advantage of my carts is that they are easily disassembled for ease of transport, easily assembled on site in about 5 minutes and no tools required.

Also it is possible to order more than one sign, so that you can run different businesses on different events at different times. I have one customer who stands a regular market selling sweets, fudge and chocolates, and then moves to craft shows selling handmade jewellery by simply changing the sign.

I have another customer who uses the same cart for weddings to display the cake and cards, and the sign simply reads "congratulations", she then uses a different sign for baby showers and christenings that reads "welcome to our family". Just use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

You can see a full explanation on ebay, item no; 223555972923  give me a ring on 07704302202 to discuss your plans and I'll give you an accurate quote.



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