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Hamsterzorb - The Best UK Zorbing Experience

Contact Name:
Marcia, Paul & Tam
MK17 0PP
Daytime Phone:
01908 764 337 or 0203 375 8617
Evening Phone:
01908 764 337 or 0203 375 8617
Available For:
Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls, Home Parties / Party Plan


Hamsterzorb - Perfect for Fundraising & Events.

Children & Adults love Zorbing!

We've created five types of unique zorbing experiences that are; exhilarating, great fitness and fun for children and adults, or as we like to call them human hamsters.

1. Bubble Zorb Areana - Our ever so popular - Bubble Zorbs and Large Arena. This package is perfect for fundraising as you can have up to 14 children in the arena at one time and charge between £3-3.5/person. Each group is turned over every 7-10 minutes. Children quite often want multiple goes.

2. Land Zorb Arena - Our huge and vastly impressive - Land Zorbs and Large Arena

3. Human Zorb Skittles - yes you read that correctly - we have huge 2.5m skittles that can be smashed down with a 3m zorb bowling ball.

4. Zorb Racer - put team against team and have them race around a course. Vastly entertaining.

5. Dart Football - kick 4-6 footballs onto the dartboard and create your best score. Also perfect for fundraising as you can charge £3/person for up to 6 balls. Children and adults are never happy with just one go!

To find out more or book today, view our listing or contact us today.

Zorbing is a fantastic experience that is entertaining, perfect for team building and great for fitness!

We have £5 million public liability insurance and up to date risk assessments for all of our zorbing activities.

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