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Event Coaching and Consulting - Jeremy Gaunt Consulting

Contact Name:
Jeremy Gaunt
Jeremy Gaunt Consulting
BA11 4LW
Daytime Phone:
01373 836 949
Evening Phone:
0755 401 2533
Available For:
Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls, Home Parties / Party Plan, Sales or Services Enquiries


We advise, produce and market country fairs, village fêtes, Christmas markets and festivals.

Jeremy Gaunt Consulting has many years of experience in helping councils, community groups, country estate owners and other event organisers across the UK engage with their target audiences more effectively.


Working closely with your team, we help identify the unique elements that can make your event or estate more successful.


Our tried-and-tested approach has helped our clients' events get recommended in the national press as some of the best in the country. We can help you too.




Our event coaching and consulting follows a tried-and-tested process that has delivered outstanding results for our clients.


If there is a secret to our success, it is that we don't impose our views and methods but help you discover a bespoke action plan tailored   to your expectations and aspirations.

Identifying your identity 

We research, analyse and interrogate what makes your event, community, council area or country estate unique in order to define a clear identity.

Action plan   

We help you create a personal action plan with a clearly defined strategy for the short, mid and long term future of your event, town or country estate.

The exciting bit   

Together we implement your personal action plan, whether it is creating a brand identity or streamlining your events for success.

Continuous improvement   

We help you make the most of learning opportunities before, during and after your activities in order to do even better next time.




Regional throughout the year  

Our public one-day seminars are a cost-effective way to benefit from our expertise. During a full-day intensive session we show you how to diagnose your current situation and your potential, develop your personal action plan and share practical tips and tricks.


Our seminars are very interactive, so there are always opportunities to learn from other delegates and get help with any questions you may have.



We provide training, coaching and mentoring to develop your team and brand, including full-day workshops and ongoing support.



Running events can be stressful. We provide reliable practical support and advice to event managers and committees - ideal for when you get stuck for ideas at any point.  


Public relations   

Our staff has a strong track record in media training, press networking and getting print and broadcast media coverage for our clients.


Social media   

We help you promote your activities on social media, including team coaching and social media training, advertising and doing it all for you.


Event management   

We provide full event planning and management for you or work closely with your team to plan, promote and run events - from   summer fêtes and festivals to Christmas markets.



Our graphic design team creates high quality flyers, posters, exhibitions and other marketing materials for our clients.


Website development   

We have over 30 years of experience in creating and maintaining engaging, fully search engine optimised websites and portals.




From our offices in Central London and the South West of England we provide strategic and practical support to clients across the whole of the UK.


For case studies, please visit our website. If you have questions about any of our services, talk to us. We can put you in touch with clients too for added peace of mind.

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