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doTERRA Essential Oils - Living an Empowered Life Naturally

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Eve Brennan
myElixir Coaching
TQ12 2NW
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I'm Eve Brennan, a Holistic Wellness Coach & a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.

I spent 20 years in the corporate world where I constantly felt physically & emotionally burnt out.  I was just functioning at a level where anxiety, depression, IBS, Hormone Imbalance, crippling Migraines and constant bad health had become my normal state.  I was living a disempowered life!

I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils and it was a huge game changer! 

I rubbed an oil onto my heart and my anxiety was instantly gone.  From that moment on I upgraded my health, wellbeing & mindset by bringing these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA products into my home & my business so myself, my family & my coaching clients now live an empowered life of optimal health and emotional wellbeing.

Due to the quality & incredible results people have with the oils, I've now made it my mission to bring health, wellness and healing to families on a larger scale. 

I have now left my corporate career and teach others to live their best life without stress, pain or struggle using doTERRA Essential Oils.   

  • doTERRA is a company of the highest Integrity
  • doTERRA is committed to quality & transparency at every level using ‘Source to You™’
  • doTERRA has a non-profit charity Healing Hands Foundation®
  • doTERRA uses third party testing & CPTG Quality Control
  • doTERRA provides complimentary teaching, education & business resources
  • Co-Impact sourcing of the plants from family farmers

Contact me for any Health and Wellness needs you have, parties, fairs, education & support. 

My services are for ANYONE with an open heart & mind who desire a better way of living. 

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