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Coffee Cart

Contact Name:
William Stacey
W Stacey Catering
North Yorkshire
YO31 9LN
Daytime Phone:
07516 501045
Available For:
Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls


Coffee & Cake.

Firstly let me quickly Introduce myself, my name is Billy, I moved to York last year and I run a cute little coffee stall. I found my love of coffee whilst working in Italy and then later when I travelled Australia, I worked in many coffee shops along the way to fund my travelling whilst in such an amazing country. When I moved back home to London I purchased a coffee machine and worked the stations in and around London. Eventually I found the love of my life and moved to the beautiful City of York. I am now travelling God's Country with my little coffee stall. You’ve guessed it, I serve Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate & Morning Pastries. My little marketer trailer is light as a feather, it’s so easy to use and move around.

When packed away it’s only 3ft wide and 8ft long. 

Fully open front to back is 7ft not including the front hatch where people ordering can stand under when it rains. 

Length in total is 9ft. 

We run on battery and LPG.

We use compostable cups and lids our waste is kept to a minimum. 

I hold a 5 star hygiene rating and are fully insured.

Sorry for the long read.

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