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Hamsterzorb: Land Zorbs - Bubble Zorbs - Human Zorb Skittles

Contact Name:
Paul, Marcia & Tam
MK17 0PP
Daytime Phone:
01908 764337 & 0203 375 8617
Evening Phone:
Available For:
Daytime Events, Evening Events, Events / Stalls, Home Parties / Party Plan


Hamsterzorb - Perfect for Fundraising and Events.


Zorbing is fantastic for any event - children and adults just love it! Book your package today, to add wow factor to your event or to raise funds. We have 4 different zorbing packages to choose from, why not combine packages and get a multi-package discount: 


1. Hamsterzorb Bubble Zorb Arena

The ever so popular Bubble Zorb Arena is perfect for committees fund raising and for entertaining.  Safely bump, crash, tumble and roll around in the 16m x 10m arena. It's fabulous fun and children just simply love it! The arena holds up to 14 bubble zorbs at one time and you can charge £4-5 per person. Groups are changed over every 10 minutes. This arena also needs a flat surface and continuous electricity supply.


2. Hamsterzorb Land Zorb Arena

Our impressive Land Zorb arena is perfect for event fund raising and entertainment. Your guests will love the thrill of running around in a giant ball crashing, rolling and generally wearing themselves out. The arena is 22m x 16m, requires continuous access to electricity and a nice flat surface. The arena can hold up to 5 to 6 zorbs at one time and you can charge £5-7/per person and the group is changed over every 10 minutes.


3. Hamsterzorb Human Zorb Skittles

Human zorb skittles are ultra-fun! Skittles are perfect for event entertainment. Your guests will love the thrill of running around in a giant ball, crashing into 5 huge pins trying to knock them over. Just like normal bowling, who knocks over the greatest amount of pins wins the game. Skittles requires access to electricity initially to inflate, enough space for a run up and a nice flat surface.


4. Hamsterzorb Zorb Racer

Our fantastic zorb racer package is perfect for competitions and entertaining. Our Zorb Racer package puts team against team, to see who can complete the race first. Each team runs against each other in our huge 3m land zorbs. Vastly competitive, vastly entertaining!




Contact our experienced event team for more information

Buckinhamshire office: 01908 764337

London Office: 02033758617 

Mobile: 07527 302 101


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