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Free Customer Marketing Service for Stall Holders

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David Thomas
mintfinity limited
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When you are serving customers, you don't have time to get their details.  They see it, like it, buy it. And then are gone on to the next stall. 

We give you a tool to change that, and it is free

With mintfinity - you produce sticky loyalty-point labels that you print at home. These cost less than 0.5p each. Tell your customers, if they like what they buy, then they can get a discount next time, and find out when you are next there, by using your label. 

How does it work? 

Tell them to visit our website (see details above) and then show the label to the camera. The rest is automatic. Your page shows, your offers show, they get your offer messages.

Running your mintfinity page, is easy. Decide what you want to offer, and we do the rest. That's segmentation done, messages sent, GDPR managed, all by us. 

Want to try how this works?

Email me and I will send you a sample sheet with examples for you to try. 



When you write, say you read about us on Stallfinder. 

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